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Basement Doors



Basement Doors

K. J. Door Services will furnish and install your cellar door.  Gordon Corporation manufactures top quality cellar doors. Gordon is able to fit virtually any size required with either standard stock sizes or custom sized cellar doors. Gordon manufactures a sloped unit for flat foundations (CD) and a flat unit for sloped walled foundations (RD).

View the Gordon Corporation Brochure

basement door basement door

CD MODEL: Cellar door for new construction and existing flat foundations.

RD MODEL: Replacement door for sloping foundations.


louver shutter

Louver Shutters

Exterior Louver shutters are a popular style as they provide a timeless inviting look for any home. A louvered shutter features a series of parallel slats.  Historically, louver shutters served as a protective cover over windows during inclement weather as well as provided security and privacy while allowing air and light to vent through the louvers.  Modern exterior louver shutters typically serve a decorative function.
raised panel shutter

Raised Panel Shutters

Raised panel shutters add a bold decorative look with their detailed depth and simple elegance.  Historically raised panel shutters were installed on the exterior first story windows because they provided more privacy and security than louver shutters which were used on 2nd story windows for light and air ventilation. Modern exterior raised panel shutters typically serve a decorative function.
board and batten shutter

Board & Batten Shutters

Exterior Board & Batten window shutters have been used on homes throughout history.  They are simple classic style shutters consisting of vertical boards known as "boards" and horizontal boards referred to as "battens".  Board and batten shutters are perfect for those who want to give their homes a timeless style that emphasizes a historical significance and simplicity.