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Once you’ve experienced the convenience and security of an electric garage door opener, you will never do without one. K. J. Door Services, Inc. is a Professional Provantage Dealer for Liftmaster.

Safety is Built-In

Garage door openers come with safety sensors that project an infrared light beam across the garage door opening. The opener will automatically reverse door operation if anything interrupts the light beam or the garage door actually comes in contact with a person or object.

Don’t Chance It. Check It.™

LiftMaster® has always been a leader in safety, quality and innovation. Now, LiftMaster has created Don’t Chance It. Check It.™, designed to boost awareness of garage safety and encourage you to check your garage door and opener to make sure it is operating properly.

Give Your Garage Door and Opener a Checkup

You may not be able to see or hear it, but your garage door may not be operating properly, or even safely. Don’t Chance It. Check It. with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Check the sides of the garage door for properly installed Photo Eyes (black sensors) mounted no higher than 6 inches off the floor.
  2. Block the Photo Eye with an object over 6 inches tall and press the garage door opener’s close button. The door should not close.
  3. Lay a 1.5 inch-high object on the ground in the door’s path and press the close button. The door should reverse off this object.

Once you complete the 3-Step Safety Check, if you find that your garage door is not operating properly or are unsure, contact your local LiftMaster Dealer immediately.

Featured Openers


Liftmaster 8550W DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with Wi-Fi

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8500W garage door opener

Liftmaster 8500W DC Battery Backup Wall Mount Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

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Liftmaster 8164W 1/2 HP AC Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

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Liftmaster ATS Advanced Trolley System Light-Duty Trolley Operator

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